Template Hints :


Google and Images :

In order to be found with your site on the internet, the search robots (like Google) look for content on websites. They can only read text and don't see images.
Therefore you need to make good and clear image titles and image descriptions, so that the search robots can find your content.
If you give the same title to several images and you like to add a number to them (for example Atlantic 01) ,then make sure you put a space between them, for the robots to read them correctly.
Otherwise Atlantic01 will be indexed and only few visitors on the internet will look for such a searchterm.


Links :

Links are very important for the ranking of the searchresults in Google.
You should try to add (relevant)links where possible. And even more important; you should try to be linked on other sites ( photography colleges, friends with other websites etc.) This will iprove the ranking of your site.

When you have made a series of images about a certain sunject, you can add a (external) link in your gallery description to give people the opportunity to read more about this subject elsewhere.
You can also add a page to the "ABOUT" pages on your site where you can display all the links you find important to be seen.


Gallery- and Image- Titles :

Please try to be consistant with titles. Don't write a title in captitals and the next one with undercast.
Make clear and efficient titles, and avoid to use titles which are only understood by yourself. Nobody on the internet would look for IMG_72189


Image Descriptions :

If you make an image description, try to write as many important search words and terms in it which users would try to search for when they would look for images about your topic.


Update your Site —> Refresh your Site :

To speed up the time needed to show websites in your browser, the content of visited sites is being stored in a part of the memory from the browser which is called cach memory.
If you update your site or added new images, you should refresh your browser to be able to see the changes within your public site.
In Internet Explorer you can click on the button refresh. Safari and Firefox have a round arrow in the addressspace of the browser.


Google Index :

When your site has been put online by us, it might take a couple of weeks before your site is indexed by the search machines. This is normal.
The ranking of the search results with google depends on may things. Som e important ones are: Number of competing company's (Photographers/ artists), Links to your site on other websites, good titles and descriptions for your images.
Remember that the search engines do NOT see images as such, they can only be indexed by title and description.



To keep visitors longer on your site, we recommend to put only the best pictures you have. Quality above Quantity, less is more.


Register or Tranferring a Domain Name :

While using the test version we don't register your domain name, you will have a temporary web address on our server. If you decide to rent the template we will register your domain for you.
Registration of the domain takes about 1 day.
If you already have a domain name registered elsewhere, tranferring it (except for .com) will take about 5 working-days. Transferring thee .com domain takes 10 working-days.
If you just recently registered this .com domain you should be aware of the fact that you can only transfer this domain after 60 days from the day it was registered.

More about transferring the Domain name..