Tranferring your domain naame to Siteways.

You already have registered a domain name with a different provider, but you would like to use this domain for the template from Siteways?

The transfer is for free.
You remain the owner of the domain name.

How does it work?

Check your personal data that you have given us signing up for the test version. If they are not correct, change them.

Contact the provider where you have your domain registered now, and ask for the following:
1. The Registrar-Locks on the Domain name should be removed.
2. You should be given the AUTH-Code (or EPP-Code) from the domain. This code we need to be able to transfer the site.
3. Email address which belongs to the domain. This should be your email address, but maybe you are not using it anymore.
In this case you should have your email address changed by them.

Preparing the transfer.

Write an email to and provide us with the following information:
The domain name which should be transferred (for example
The AUTH-Code ( or EPP-Code) you received from your current provider
The name of the current provider

The transfer.

After we started the transfer of the domain, you will receive an email to confirm the transfer of your domain name.
If you don't receive anything, please check your spam box , because it might have landed there.
After confirming the transfer it can take 1-7 days before your website is online, untill then we will keep the test version in the air.
You will receive an email from us as soon as the website is online.